Do You Want a Brief Vocabulary of Factory Farming?

Vocabulary of Factory Farming
A Vocabulary for Factory Farming
All these mutilations are some of the typical but unethical attempts at factory farms to control intensive farming troubles, such as fighting injuries, self-injury, sucking problems and disease among the animals. Please bear them in mind with your next meal. GOOD EATING!

Debeaking - cutting off beaks.
Declawing - cutting off claws.
Decombing - cutting off combs (poultry).
Desnooding - ripping off snoods (turkeys).
Detoeing - amputating toes (fowl)
Detonguing - cutting out tongues (calves).
Dehorning - destroying horns (cattle and goats).
Tail Docking - amputating tails (sheep and cattle).
Teeth Cutting - cutting out teeth (pigs and cattle).
Factory Farming - making biggest profits for smallest cost.
Efficiency - maximally efficient farming cruelly treating animals.