Why is Anthropocentrism Dangerous?

Anthropocentric Danger
Anthropocentrism is the age old belief that people are pre-eminent over all. It strongly influences human animals relations. There are two main forms. 
We are masters of nature. It exists to serve our needs and we can do anything to it. Dominionism appeals to big business and governments. 
We are caretakers of nature but only for posterity. Even so, we always trump other creatures. Stewardism appeals to nature conservationists and liberal governments. 
Anthropocentrism is still deep rooted. For instance, Stephen Hawking says, “We are just an advanced breed of monkey. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.” Anthropocentrism is an attitude that dies hard, if at all. Animals watch out!

Reference: Stephen Hawking in The Black Hole War. Leonard Susskind. 2008:433.