Why are You Never More Than a Metre From a Cow?

 You are Never More Than a Metre From a Cow
You  are Never More Than a Metre From a Cow
Why are you never more than a metre from a cow? A cow is not just milk butter meat and leather but lives on as products in almost everything we use such as: breads, biscuits, soups, margarines, pie crusts, foie gras, confectionery, desserts, yogurts, ice creams, jellies, chewing gum, pet food, cough syrup and lozenges, tranquilisers, toilet soaps, eyewashes, bubble baths, contraceptives, ear drops, cosmetics, toothpaste, candles, crayons, sunscreens, dental floss, shampoos, hair dressings, musical and racket strings, buttons, matches, ceramics, plastics, waxes, cleaners, rubber, greases, jet engine lubricants, pesticides, car polish, banknotes, household glues, bookbinding glue, paints, dyes, detergents, fertilizers and dynamite.

Government safety standards assure us no contagion from a prospering agroindustry.

Reference: V Klinkenborg et al. Cow Part, Discover, 2001


  1. I think this says a lot about the money driven society.


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