21 June 2014

Deep What (Ecology)?

Deep Ecology
Deep Ecology
What is Deep Ecology. We can find out by examining its tenets, paraphrased. 1) All creatures have intrinsic value. 2) All beings, simple as well as complex (ie humans!), contribute to life's richness. 3) Humans should use other beings only to satisfy their basic needs (not something that will satisfy hard-line animal liberationists). 4) Human interference with the world is excessive and worsening. 5) Economic, technological and ideological policies must change radially (not something governments ever want to do). 6) Animal health depends on decreasing the number of humans (parents seem not to think this of their own babies). 7) Quality of life is more important that standard of living. 8) Everyone who believes in these tenets must work for change. Arne Naess (1912 - 2009) and his colleagues originated Deep Ecology and the world's governments simply ignore its good sense.

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